A p chater 2 checkpoint

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A p chater 2 checkpoint

Concepts you'll need to master: Creating an object Understanding the behavior of a simple rule base Using the command line Installing and uninstalling a policy from the GUI Out of all the SmartConsole utilities, you'll be spending the most time in SmartDashboard.

This is where the security policy is defined and pushed out to the enforcement points. Before we continue, though, some terms have to be explained.

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They help you not only at exam time, but in your everyday job as well. The security policy is a combination of rules and system properties that come together to define how the firewalls protect your network.

TIP In the real world, a security policy is usually associated with a document that defines in plain language which activities are permitted, which are denied, and what procedures exist for monitoring. This is where you'll find things such as your acceptable use policy and incident handling procedures.

As a security guy or galyou have the job of implementing solutions that follow and enforce the policy, which includes firewalls. However, in Check Point land, a security policy refers to the configuration of the firewalls which should be in accordance with your company security policy.

Keep them straight, for both the exam and the auditors. The rules themselves are individual statements that permit or deny traffic. When you collect all the rules in an ordered list, it's called the rule base.

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The rule base is processed from top to bottom, stopping at the first match. In conformance with the "that which is not permitted is prohibited" philosophy of Check Point, any unmatched packets are silently dropped.

The rule base is only half of the security policy. The other half is the properties of the policy, which affect the generated INSPECT code by implicitly adding extra rules, changing timing values, and turning on additional security checks. It is the whole security policy that is enforced by each enforcement point, not just the rule base.

Working Within SmartDashboard Figure 3.

A p chater 2 checkpoint

It is divided into several panes that can be turned on and off through the View menu. The leftmost pane in the example is the objects tree. The upper-right pane is the rule base, and the lower-right pane is the objects list. Through the View menu, you can turn on other options such as SmartMap, which shows a graphical representation of your network.

One important thing to note is that only one person can have a security policy open for writing at a given time. Anyone connecting in while this person has the policy locked has the choice of connecting back later or opening a read-only version of the policy.

This is to ensure that two people do not make changes that adversely impact each other. The status of the policy is located in the lower-right part of the SmartDashboard frame. Objects Tree The leftmost pane is called the objects tree.

Objects are the basis of all FireWall-1 configurations because they represent everything from a host that gets protected to a time of day at which rules are enforced.Opening Doors, 7th Edition by Janet Elder and Joe Cortina () Preview the textbook, purchase or get a FREE instructor-only desk copy.

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