An analysis of frank moorhouses dark palace

But Moorhouse makes no grand claims to this achievement.

An analysis of frank moorhouses dark palace

Me and Mrs O managed five shows in all which was just about enough when you factor in booze, food and the need of a sit-down in a pub or cafe after all the walking. Tony Law was a wonderfully daft, slightly manic, cartoony fella of indistinct accent.

He told tales of his uncle the dragon in prison and pretended that Ho Chi Minh was in the audience. Her inflatable costume and huge donkey ears are hilarious and Christie uses them in a show which is deliberately and endearingly shambolic - certain themes are pursued and forgotten about.

Endearingly shambolic may be a bit harsh to describe Rodney Bewes but his show could never be described as slick and polished and you really warmed to An analysis of frank moorhouses dark palace for that.

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I was one of about 20 people in a grim lecture hall watching him read Dylan Thomas stories, largely read in an English accent and mostly in a monotone that reminded me of an auctioneer.

Bewes occasionally had to consult his script and often stepped forward for asides to the audience. Next show should be Rodney Bewes: My Story. Ben Verth is a warm and engaging comic who bases an hour-long show, Alsatian and Chips, on what he was doing on significant days in his life 10,th day, 5,th day for example.

The highlight of Best of the Fest was Otto Kuhnle, a German fella who looks a bit like Jacques Tati and reminded me of Tommy Cooper with his silly tricks and bagpipe impressions. Translunar Paradise was one of those shows I only see at the Fringe — a play with mime and masks about death and loneliness.

Not at all — it makes him even more intriguing. Lee started a tale about his dad the cardboard salesman and a woman walked out. He used her exit in his patter, dropping the story about his dad, and the woman came back in 30 seconds later. Was she a plant? Did his dad really sell cardboard? Lee later explained that certain bits of the show were true and some made up.

But even then you were in doubt. There were shades of Daniel Kitson in the way he almost apologised for cheap gags and easy laughs and Ted Chippington in the way he occasionally spoke in a monotone.

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According to Lee, people in the stalls were his real fans while people in the balconies only came because he was on TV. Another clever move which made the stallees feel good and the balconites wishing they were in with the in crowd.

All this works because he has great presence and calm authority — something I particularly remember when I first saw him 20 years ago — as well as superb timing and delivery, and a hilarious, deadpan face. Apr Billed as a tribute to 50 years of Coronation Street, this is a very funny piss-take of the show by one of its writers, Jonathan Harvey.

The play is centred on Ken and Gail and their disastrous love lives - recurring themes throughout the show's history - and features regular appearances from Corrie greats Ena, Elsie, Hilda, Bet and Raquel.

An analysis of frank moorhouses dark palace

A cast of five perform 55 characters at breakneck speed and there are some wonderful impressions - Gail's bobbling head and her reassurance to the audience that her latest fella usually a psycho is a good bloke, Ken's knack of streeeetching his vowels when he's angry or stressed, and Steve McDonald identified quickly as the bloke who rocks back and forth.

Most of the storylines and chunks of plot are from pre with some stories condensed into a few words or in case of the recent factory fire - a ballet. The sets are wonderful too - a curtain with a drawing of a tram knocks down Alan Bradley, while Stephanie Beacham's character sails across the stage in a full-sized cardboard barge.

But it's wonderful stuff and well worth seeing, even if you haven't watched the show for years. In fact it's so good I've started watching Corrie again. He's reviving his owls routine in London next month in a 'celebration of alternative comedy of 30 years ago' organised by Stewart Lee his book reminded me of McAleer.

I saw McAleer in a triple bill with Oscar McLennan, whose act was like something out of a Samuel Beckett play - slightly sinister, full of pauses againbut absolutely enthralling.

An analysis of frank moorhouses dark palace

Plus Simon Fanshawe - a manic and more conventional comic. McAleer is back touring again after a stint as a bus driver. I always inject them with a local anaesthetic before I go into their enclosure. I find that there's safety in numb bears.

Friend of mine worked in a helium factory. His colleagues spoke highly of him. Packet of Skittles walked into a bar and says, "I'm the hardest packet of sweets in town.

An analysis of frank moorhouses dark palace

I could have any other packet of sweets in a fight; get me a pint NOW! The packet of Hall's sweets orders a pint, drinks it, and walks out, while all the time the packet of Skittles hides behind the chair. When the packet of Hall's leaves, the barman turns to the packet of Skittles and says, "What was all that about?

I thought you said you were the hardest packet of sweets in town? He was out standing in his field.Frank Moorhouse AM (born 21 December ) is an Australian writer.

He has won major Australian national prizes for the short story, the novel, the essay, and for script writing.

He has won major Australian national prizes for the short story, the novel, the essay, and for script timberdesignmag.come works: Dark Palace (). Funded by English Heritage and undertaken jointly by Durham County Council’s Archaeology Section and the Department of Archaeology at Durham University, the North-East Regional Research Framework for the Historic Environment (NERRF) is a partnership.

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