An introduction to the extradition of nazi war criminals

The main gate of the Auschwitz concentration camp.

An introduction to the extradition of nazi war criminals

US man accused of Nazi war crime The man, identified by his family as Michael Karkoc, is accused of being responsible for the deaths of 44 people inPolish officials said in a statement.

Karkoc's family denied the allegations against him. Polish investigators had been working since to identify a commander of the Ukrainian Self Defense Legion, a Nazi paramilitary police organization, who ordered his solders to kill residents and burn the buildings of three rural villages near Lublin.

The commander's actions are considered war crimes and crimes against humanity. Read More Their attention turned to the Minnesota man when they examined a list of salaries signed by the commander and compared his handwriting with materials from an American source, officials said.

US authorities still need to decide whether to extradite Karkoc, but Polish authorities have said his age would not interfere with the process.

An introduction to the extradition of nazi war criminals

They expect him to stand trial before a Polish court if their request is approved. This is not the first time Karkoc has faced these allegations. Inthe Associated Press published stories identifying Karkoc as the commander who ordered the attack on a Polish village. The Associated Press reported that evidence they had reviewed showed Karkoc concealed his role in the Ukrainian Self Defense Legion from US officials when he entered the country in deals with the legal issues surrounding the act of extradition of Nazi war criminals.

Two international law cases are dealt with in the paper. The paper got an “A” from a fairly difficult grading professor, and once the paper is double spaced it should work out to be about 14 or 15 pages. Have fun, and good luck.

An introduction to the extradition of nazi war criminals

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Worldwide Investigation and Prosecution of Nazi War Criminals (April 1, – March 31, ) List of Nazi War Criminals Slated for Possible Prosecution in 36 Lithuanian request for the extradition of murder squad .


His death was disclosed Wednesday just as U.S. Magistrate Judge Timothy Rice approved the extradition request, which would have needed final U.S. government review. Rice found probable cause that Breyer was the person being sought by German authorities over his suspected service as an SS guard at Auschwitz during World War II.

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INTRODUCTION On June 22, , Adolf Hitler launched an invasion of the So- ralization and deportation of suspected Nazi war criminals residing in the United States. It will address whether the denaturalization and.

An analysis of the extradition of nazi war criminals