Gharguti business plan

Ours is a 2 Bedroom rustic villa set within a picturesque farm, with the views overlooking the sea. The villa is right by the beach. Besides the 2 bedrooms, the home holds an open pavilion, a breakfast patio, a shaded courtyard, a barbecue pit, hammocks and multiple outdoor sit outs.

Gharguti business plan

After a long search, we found 40 year-old Sylvester Minj, lying on the bed. His son Roshan was sitting on the other side of the bed and eying on his father with hopeless sight.

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Minj was sleeping on the ground near his bed. As soon as we approached them, they became alert. And after seeing us with pen, notepad and camera in hands, they took us for guaranteed as we are Journalists. Since, he wants the world to know about the ordeal he underwent through therefore, he is ready to response each and every question whoever asks him.

He is one of the unfortunate villagers, whom the Security forces brutally tortured on April 5. His only crime is; he happens to a cousin brother of late Lucas Minj, whom the forces had killed in a cold-blood murder and buried on the bank of Koel River during anti-Naxal operation on January Meanwhile, Sylvester started narrating us about the nightmare he faced.

He owns some patches of land, which is the major source of their livelihood.

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Besides, they also collect minor forest produces and go for daily wage as well. The Commander Jeep is in common used as passenger vehicle for local travel in the region. There were more gharguti business plan 25 passengers including men, women and children in the Jeep.

They stopped the Jeep and asked the driver to show his driving license. Since, the driver had no license therefore, he could not show them. Thereafter, they asked the passengers to vacate the vehicle and kneel down on the ground for half-an-hour.

Meanwhile, they started asking all the passengers about their locations and came to know about Sylvester being the cousin brother of late Lucas Minj. They asked Sylvester to come over the road. They caught him and put his head on the ground and asked him to keep his leg straight up in the air.

He was kept in that position for half-an-hour. Consequently, Sylvester fell down on the ground and became unconscious.

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The Jawans were afraid assuming that he might die. Therefore, they poured water on his head till, he returned to the normal condition.

gharguti business plan

When he got back to consciousness, he was screaming due to pain. Finally, they put him into the Jeep and asked the other passengers to board into the vehicle and let them go.

However, the driver was afraid therefore, he stopped the vehicle in a place called Patradih, where Sylvester got down and laid on the ground as he was not able to sit down due to pain. Meanwhile, his sister-in-law Shanti who is a nurse by profession reached to the spot by chance.

She was shocked to see his brother-in-law screaming with pain. She brought injection and medicine from nearby a medical shop immediately and injected him. After some time, Sylvester got relief and went to his home.

After a few days, when Sylvester was not able to overcome the pain in his neck, he went to Daltenganj for treatment.

However, he knew that no Doctor would be ready to treat him if he tells the truth therefore; he informed the Doctor that he had fallen down in a well. Arun Shukla got ready to treat him and asked him to get the X-ray of his neck.

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The X-ray report revealed about the damage of a bone of his neck. However, he was not aware till we exposed that Kranti Kumar Gardeshi, the Superintendent of Police Lateharhas deployed his cousin brother M.

Minj in an official duty as his caretaker. He was stunned to know about it. I thought since he is my cousin brother therefore he has come to look after me in the hospital after taking a leave. They abused him, kicked on his leg and beat him with the butt of guns.May 05,  · by kracktivist in Advocacy When they met me Durga said, if it was a `gharguti’ [wife] woman everyone would protect her womb, [ vanshacha diva – heir] but because it is a sex worker her fetus is not considered sacred or that she has a `vansh’, as a `bad woman’.

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My villa is located amidst lot of trees and has 4 comfortable (Website hidden by Airbnb) has a nice lawn area and a backyard (Website hidden by Airbnb) also has a nice terrace to sit and enjoy a drink or two. This is an entire bunglow 2rooms and 1dormatry hich can accomodate upto 30people comfortably it has 2attached washrooms and a common for male and female.

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New stone bungalow, with modern open plan. Covered veranda, opens to a breezeway and courtyard beyond. Ground floor has large Living room, Dining, fully equipped Kitchen, two bedrooms & .

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