Girl by jamica kincaid

Most of what I had read otherwise sounded very much like what a tough mom would dictate to a young daughter.

Girl by jamica kincaid

The sad truth of this is that the role given to women is more often than not the role of a homemaker. Although the argument can be made that a home needs more than just a woman slaving away to make it a functional and healthy environment, society has placed the pressure on women and housewives to create a home that is an oasis for their husbands and a stable environment for their children.

These demands placed on women have been present for centuries and still continue today. The story is one long, winding sentence teaching all the things a girl needs to learn in order to be a good Girl by jamica kincaid.

She does not talk about being educated, independent, or seeking higher purpose for herself, but instead lists all of the jobs a woman of domestication should be able to do.

These are things such as laundry, cooking, maintaining good appearance and behavior in public. The story also gives clues that the girl is fairly young when given these instructions. This just demonstrates how girls were raised.

How can society assume that all woman should be able to conform to one kind of being when every person is different and specializes in different things. The sad truth is that women are taught at a young age that the best they can do for themselves and society is to be a good housewife.

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Another troubling part of the story is how the mother consistently calls her daughter a slut. The way she uses the word and how often gives the feeling that she does not even consider what the true definition is.


As if they way one walks and the length of a hem can make a girl a slut. The tone of the piece is also very somber.

The way the mother lists the lessons is almost frantic but also matter-of-fact. As if she knows that the life that lies ahead of her daughter is not one that will make her happy. The mother shows no enthusiasm or happiness, which gives the reader a glimpse into how the oppression of women, including herself, had affected her and her lack of optimism for the future.

Reading a piece like this in todays society can be shocking. Of course women have made tremendous strides but lessons like these are still taught to many young girls today.

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Although women have the ability today to rise above the housewife standard of the 20th century most women are still expected to be domestic homemakers if they ever marry.Girl by Jamaica Kincaid is an expressive, one-page portrait of womanhood.

This methodical monologue is narrated by a strict and caring mother. Kincaid writes a “how-to guide” on the transformation from a little girl into a woman, by means of exposing gender roles.

“Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid from Charters, Ann, Ed. The Story and its Writer: An Introduction to Short Fiction. 6 th Ed. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, Annie John: A Novel [Jamaica Kincaid] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Annie John is a haunting and provocative story of a young girl growing up on the island of Antigua.

A classic coming-of-age story in the tradition of The Catcher in the Rye and A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. A vivid example of inequality and imbalance in terms of gender, Jamaica Kincaid has depicted this issue in her short story named Girl.

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Girl by jamica kincaid

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