Hip hop negative effects today youth essay

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Hip hop negative effects today youth essay

As you feel yourself starting to grow out of your youth, don't fight to hold on. The best is yet to come I had heard all styles of rap from hard-core gangster to socially conscious, but the sound I heard escaping his room was foreign to my ears.

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That's what we do Chopping and screwing refers to a method of remixing rap music by slowing down the tempo and applying certain effects -- skipping beats and record scratching -- to create a "chopped and screwed" rendition of the original song.

This form of remixing was made famous by a local Houston disc jockey, DJ Screw, in the early s. It is believed by Screw enthusiasts that every song sounds better chopped and screwed. Roger was no different. Over the next four years of college, Roger tortured me with his DJ Screw mix tapes.

I would have rather listened to country music my least favorite genre than chopped and screwed rap. I couldn't understand why anyone would willingly listen to this style of music.

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By slowing the tempo down, it made every rapper sound like an inebriated Rick Ross. After a few years of college, one would think that the sound would have grown on me, but when I graduated I felt the same way about chopping and screwing as I did the first time we crossed paths in Roger's dorm room.

Screwing or this deliberate attempt to slowdown a pace is not limited to the Houston rap scene. It's being employed by the entire hip hop industry. While the techniques may be vastly different, the goal is ultimately the same -- retarded pace.

By slowing down our pace growththe hip hop industry and its leaders continue their reign in power, as the hip hop culture has arguably set the course of the African American race for the past decade.

Hip hop negative effects today youth essay

Inrapper Jay-Z released a song entitled, "30 Something. In fact, it sounds like someone desperately trying to hang on to their youth The irony of the entire song is that Jay-Z was pushing 40 when he released the track.

There is an ulterior motive for Jay-Z's shrewd declaration. He's an aging rapper. With most of Jay-Z's original fan base now over the age of 30, he made a daring attempt to preserve his audience.

If he can keep his fan base in their year-old state of mind, he can hopefully keep them as consumers of hip hop -- music, fashion, etc.

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However, time waits for nobody.Featured Essay. Hip Hop's Early Influences In the music they played and created, early rap DJs and MCs, who started by throwing parties in the Bronx, were part of a long line of music and oratorical traditions that profoundly affected the development of hip hop.

Hip hop negative effects today youth essay

Research Analysis Essay The Influence of Hip Hop on Today’s Youth “After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.” This profound statement from English writer, Aldous Huxley, demonstrates the importance that music obtains in today’s society.

Hip-hop culture, with its street rhythms and explicit lyrics, is more relevant in advancing civil rights today than the peaceful messages of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., author Todd Boyd says. Hip-Hop Literature: The Politics, Poetics, and Power of Hip-Hop in the itriadis studied the ways in which youth engaged in and made meaning of hip-hop culture in their individual lives, Ernest Morrell and Jeff Duncan-Andrade (“Toward”) explored the use of hip-hop psychological effects of this monocultural educa-.

Critics of rap and hip-hop state that this music objectifies women and promotes gang violence. Many studies have been done in recent years, such as the one on WebMD reporting that teenagers who listen to rap music are more likely to have babies and engage in risky sexual behavior. effects of objectifying hip hop 3 The Effects of Objectifying Hip-Hop Lyrics on Female Listeners Music is an important part of adolescents’ and young adults’ lives.

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