How do you write a novel on sims 3 wii

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How do you write a novel on sims 3 wii

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Interrupt the action so that the book is placed on the ground. The book can now do everything the bookcase could have done for free. Increasing chance to have baby boys Have a pregnant female Sim eat apples to increase the chance of having a boy.

Increasing chance to have baby girls Have a pregnant female Sim eat watermelons to increase the chance of having a girl. Increasing chance for multiple babies To increase the chance of having twins or triplets, have one or both parents have the lifetime reward of Fertility Treatment.

Go to the graveyard, and have the Sim steal male remains. On the second day after putting the male remains in your home, a ghost will appear at It will appear every other day.

Socialize with the ghost every night it appears. When you become best friends with the ghost, it will begin appearing every night. Get the "Fertility" reward. Confess your attraction to the ghost. Ask to snuggle on the bed, and kiss him.

Try for a baby every night until you start throwing up. You will now have a ghost baby that you can control. Ghosts in your house Go to the graveyard, click on all the tombstones, and take all possible tombstones.

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Return to your house, and place them somewhere in your backyard. Making friends Buy a guitar. Play it to learn how to play guitar. When you have that ability, go to the park with the guitar in your inventory.

how do you write a novel on sims 3 wii

When you are in the park, click the guitar in your inventory, and select "Play For Tips". People watching you will become your friends if you keep playing.

The higher your guitar skill, the faster they will become friends with you. Disable aging Instead of using a cheat code to toggle "aging on" and "aging off" like in The Sims 2, you can de-activate the age in "Game Options" under "Options".

When you uncheck the box next to "Aging", your Sims will no longer become older. You can also slow aging down in this menu by setting the "Lifetime" bar.

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It can be set from 25 days to days. Buy a birthday cake from the grocery store, and place it somewhere on your lot. Click the cake, and select "Have Birthday".

Then, choose the Sim to be aged. This is a good method to get past the baby stage. Avoiding death Go to Pleasant Rest Graveyard.

Near the gate is a bush called "Death Flower Bush"."You may believe yourselves rid of your headache now, and maybe you are — but you've only done it by cutting off your own heads." In Robert A.

Heinlein's Time Enough for Love, Lazarus Long tells the two best ways to tell a lie.

how do you write a novel on sims 3 wii

Tell the truth, but not all of it. Tell the truth, and maybe even all. Each Sim has their own DNA -- take your Sims through generations and evolve their family tree Fulfill your Sims' dreams - Do they want a life of family and romance?

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