Life in the future better than now

Share How the World will look like in the next 50 years People have always been intrigued of what the future will look like. The answers are quite simple and here you have them for the next 50 years. How can we know what the future will look like? To be able to understand the future, you must know the past.

Life in the future better than now

Zimbabwe Actual life expectancy in Botswana declined from 65 in to 49 in before increasing to 66 in In South Africa, life expectancy was 63 in57 inand 58 in And in Zimbabwe, life expectancy was 60 in43 inand 54 in For example, white Americans born in are expected to live until age The greatest difference was 7.

This is largely due to economic clustering and poverty conditions that tend to associate based on geographic location. Multi-generational poverty found in struggling neighborhoods also contributes. In United States cities such as Cincinnatithe life expectancy gap between low income and high income neighborhoods touches 20 years.

For example, in the United Kingdom, life expectancy in the wealthiest and richest areas is several years higher than in the poorest areas. This may reflect factors such as diet and lifestyle, as well as access to medical care.

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It may also reflect a selective effect: Tapia Granados and Ana Diez Roux at the University of Michigan found that life expectancy actually increased during the Great Depressionand during recessions and depressions in general.

Life expectancy is also likely to be affected by exposure to high levels of highway air pollution or industrial air pollution. This is one way that occupation can have a major effect on life expectancy.

Life in the future better than now

Coal miners and in prior generations, asbestos cutters often have lower life expediencies than average life expediencies. Other factors affecting an individual's life expectancy are genetic disorders, drug use, tobacco smokingexcessive alcohol consumption, obesity, access to health care, diet and exercise.

Sex differences[ edit ] Pink: Countries where females life expectancy at birth is higher than males. A few countries in the south of Africa where females have shorter lives due to AIDS [56] Comparison of male and female life expectancy at birth for countries and territories as defined in the CIA Factbook, with selected bubbles labelled.

The dotted line corresponds to equal female and male life expectancy. The apparent 3D volumes of the bubbles are linearly proportional to their population. In the uterusmale fetuses have a higher mortality rate babies are conceived in a ratio estimated to be from to males to females, but the ratio at birth in the United States is only males to females.

The difference in life expectancy between men and women in the United States dropped from 7.

You Have a Choice: Your Future Can Be Better Than Your Past

This may be attributable to the effects of infant mortality and young adult death rates. This is no longer the case, and female human life expectancy is considerably higher than that of males.

The reasons for this are not entirely certain. Traditional arguments tend to favor sociology-environmental factors: Some of these in the United States include: Some argue that shorter male life expectancy is merely another manifestation of the general rule, seen in all mammal species, that larger size individuals within a species tend, on average, to have shorter lives.

Kalben's study, however, was restricted to data in Western Europe alone, where demographic transition occurred relatively early.

In countries such as Hungary, Bulgaria, India and China, males continued to outlive females into the twentieth century. With the exception of birds, for almost all of the animal species studied, males have higher mortality than females.

By contrast, natural selection weeds out mitochondria that reduce female survival; therefore such mitochondria are less likely to be passed on to the next generation.

Life in the future better than now

This thus suggests that females tend to live longer than males. The authors claim that this is a partial explanation. Before death rates were the same.

In people born afterthe death rate of to year-old men was double that of women of the same age. Cardiovascular disease was the main cause of the higher death rates among men.Because of the future, we have the three time periods of the past, the present, and the future. Because of the three time periods, we have hope; the future is yet to long as we are hopeful, our lives will be better tomorrow.

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It is hard to judge whether one’s life is a success or a failure at any given time. College Park, Md. – Today, the University of Maryland launched a brand-new multimedia news and information portal, UMD Right Now, which provides members of the media and the public with real-time information on the university and its extended community.

UMD Right Now replaces Newsdesk, which previously served as the university’s news hub and central resource for members of the media. Today, right here, right now, you have a choice in how you’re going to show up, not just while you’re reading this, but right here in your life.

You only have one life. And yet you always have lots of choices. Nov 16,  · America is the land of opportunity, just for some more than others. That's because, in large part, inequality starts in the crib.

Rich parents can afford to .

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Finding a suitable balance between work and daily living is a challenge that all workers face. Families are particularly affected. The ability to successfully combine work, family commitments and personal life is important for the well-being of all members in a household. Life is the hyphen between matter and spirit.

~Augustus William Hare and Julius Charles Hare, Guesses at Truth, by Two Brothers, My life has a superb cast but I can't figure out the plot. ~Ashleigh Brilliant.

Life In The Future