Marketing consultant business plan

What skills do you need? I've been a small business consultant a long time, and these are the essentials that have worked for me. I think they'll work for you, too.

Marketing consultant business plan

There are hundreds of public agencies in the target region, including cities, counties, transportation boards and state agencies. Often public agencies are not equipped to provide adequate community services, due to both the lack of staff and knowledge specific to each project.

HLC can provide public officials with technology support to complete each complex, varied project with the greatest efficiency. In addition to providing consulting for private companies and public agencies, HLC will strive to both assist and partner with other management consulting firms.

In these situations, HLC will position itself as the industry specialist working with the project team. There are less than a hundred management consulting firms that provide services to the target market and work in the target region.

HLC has the potential of over 30, public and private clients—the "target market" as described above.

marketing consultant business plan

These customers will be attracted by: Direct approach to all management levels of the target market, including cold calls, letters and "at work" presentations. Typically, reference material will include a laptop computer with various Powerpoint presentations, work portfolio, referral lists, business cards, brochures and a calendar of upcoming events.

Networking events where business cards and brochures can be exchanged. Referrals from other professional companies and public agencies. The competition consists of engineering firms, management consultants, and employees at the client's office.

Even though other firms have more people and experience, HLC will win business by understanding the interaction of technical personnel and management. The key to beating the competition is by strategically balancing price, efficiency, and differentiation.

We will provide work above the client's expectations and the competition's ability i. Finally, in order to best understand the competition, HLC will analyze other company's successes and failures on a regular basis.

HLC plans on capturing only a small portion of the market. A complete market analysis will be provided in the Marketing Plan. HLC plans to perform leasehold improvements, including the addition of a conference room, small kitchen, and interior redecoration.

HLC will occupy 64 sq. The current building owner, Caldwell Livingston, has generously offered to provide an equity contribution to the business for the first year.

The area is zoned for commercial use. Within a few blocks, there is convenient access to many of Southern California's freeways. Also nearby, the SC transit station provides rail service throughout the South Bay cities.

Schwimmer is a project management consultant assisting engineering firms and public agencies in proposal preparation, cost estimating, project scheduling, and project management activities. Schwimmer's clients are also present engineering clients of Herman Livingston.

His previous employer was the Alexander Co. Schwimmer worked as a project manager. The firm has only 13 consultants 6 architects, 4 engineers, and 3 behavioral scientists that respond proactively to clients by understanding the market and by writing and speaking to professional organizations.

Consultants are not salaried, but rather rely on assignment fees. The Coleman Group will be used as a model for HLC both in business development and proactivity, but their limited size minimizes The Coleman Group as a competitive threat.

The benefits to The Coleman Group are those in the business description outlined above. Piedmont's services include business process reengineering, performance measures, strategic planning, organizational design, customer satisfaction, ISOproject management, global best practices, human resource management, materials and costs management, business systems, and litigation.

Piedmont's engineering and construction industry group is headed by Ms. Connie Hall and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. HLC learned during a year of competitive research that Piedmont was not able respond to a request of an engineering manager seeking assistance.

After several calls to reach the right person, HLC finally received a generic brochure package addressed to the wrong company. This was the extent of Piedmont's pursuit of potential work.The marketing plan sets the company vision and articulates the consultant’s mission.

Like the business plan, the marketing plan should include short and long term goals. The marketing plan focuses on the strategy that .

Marketing Plan Example One-page Marketing Plan # 1. The first marketing plan template is one that I’ve loosely adapted from learnings from the original marketing guru, Philip Kotler.

(Even he doesn’t believe in hundred-page plans). A marketing consultant works with companies to create and implement marketing strategies.

These strategies are centered on the core of the business and what services and products they offer. A consultant helps create a detailed marketing plan, determine the marketing message, and identify the appropriate marketing mix to get the .

Learn how to start your own business consulting firm. Effective strategies for business consultants and things to consider before becoming a consultant.

Marketing Consultant Melbourne. MJH Group Marketing is a specialist marketing consultant in Melbourne that works with clients as their Outsourced Marketing Manager, providing professional marketing advice and hands-on support to make sure good ideas become reality.

Jun 29,  · A marketing plan for a clothing boutique involves identifying the target demographic and finding unique products that meet their interests. The owner of a clothing boutique has to constantly.

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