Matlab plot thesis

I beg to disagree, Gnuplot is excellent if you use it with care, at least for two-dimensional plots. I've seen worse in publications. In the first one, the axis labels are too small--all the text is, really--and the erf label is too close to the border.

Matlab plot thesis

These images are extremely high DPI; however, anything lower and I have found the images to be blurry.


Yes, you could save the images as EPS files and import them into LyX; however, trying to embed the fonts into the EPS is not trivial and I have neither the time nor interest to figure it out. If you know of a way to easily do this in Matlab let me know.

Example 2 You will notice that when saving images at higher resolutions Matlab does not scale the dashed lines properly.

Matlab plot thesis

At high DPI dashed lines become blurry and can appear as solid lines. The following example uses the scripts written by P. This toolkit also adds support for variable dashed-dotted lines.

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The original material can be found online at: I had to modify two functions in this toolkit, the modified version is available here.

If you would prefer the original Matlab code it can be downloaded here and the documentation for the m-files is available here from the McGill web site. The following example uses these functions to create a plot with a variety of dashed and dotted lines that properly scale with increasing image DPI.

Additional examples can be found in the Matlab-Plot-v1r3 documentation.MATLAB is a high-level programming language, and a problem-solving environment for mathematical and scientific calculations.

Developed by Mathworks that was founded. ELECTRONICS and CIRCUIT ANALYSIS using MATLAB JOHN O. ATTIA Department of Electrical Engineering MATLAB is a numeric computation software for engineering and scientific Polar Plot of a Complex Number CHAPTER THREE CONTROL STATEMENTS EXAMPLE DESCRIPTION.

each case, the same PLL loop theory presented in this thesis applies. In short, the PLL is a feedback loop device, which locks onto a received signal, meaning it synchronizes its output in-phase and frequency with its input.

The point of set_plot is to make the creation of high-quality graphics in MATLAB much easier. MATLAB's figure creation capabilities are very popular, but the quality of the graphics is pretty poor without a little more work.

The default fonts are poor, the resulting graphics are too large for use in.

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THESIS Submitted in Partial Ful llment of the Requirements for the Degree of BACHELOR OF SCIENCE (Electrical Engineering) at the POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE OF NEW YORK adaptive controllers are compared over a wide range of parameters in MATLAB. iv. Contents Vita ii Acknowledgment iii Abstract iv List of Figures vi List of Tables viii.

Set the plot to a size and aspect ratio that fits nicely on the page, preferably so that your word processor (or LaTeX) doesn't have to rescale it. For your vertical line, you could cheat and use a parametric function, so that it will be clipped to the boundaries of the plot.

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