Platinum box case report

Selection of Supplier for Presses My recommendation is to go in for a single source and choose the supplier that we have confidently have had a relationship with, without a problem, for over a decade now. Major of Action plan: Commission the presses with assistance from Jabaking. At this stage, the main issue facing the company is whether to single source the press or utilize multiple sources for the press.

Platinum box case report

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Usage and distribution for commercial purposes requires written permission. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. The purpose of this case study is first to report a partial response to carboplatin and etoposide in a patient with small-cell lung cancer pretreated with RRx, indicating episensitization or resensitization by epigenetic mechanisms, and second to discuss the literature related to small-cell lung cancer and episensitization.

The disease is traditionally divided into two stages: In general, subsequent readministration of EP doublets is contraindicated in resistant and refractory disease due to the likelihood of undue toxicities myelosuppression and nephrotoxicity, for example without benefit, since therapeutic resistance in these contexts is, with exceptions, construed as a stable and immutable trait [ 11 ].

No guidelines are available about platinum doublet rechallenge after initial and secondary failures. Pretreatment or priming with epigenetic inhibitors, like the approved DNA demethylators, e.

RRx, in particular, has demonstrated evidence of episensitization to refractory irinotecan in the context of a Phase II clinical trial entitled ROCKET in metastatic colorectal cancer [ 161718 ]. Case Report Patient —, a year-old male veteran, former smoker, with a diagnosis of extensive-stage SCLC, completed six cycles of carboplatin and etoposide in December Approximately 1 year after completion of the NIH trial, with symptoms of fatigue and inappetence due to disease progression as well as dyspnea and decreased exercise tolerance from a large unilateral pleural effusion, he enrolled as the first patient — on the TRIPLE THREAT clinical trial at Walter Reed in June After the first dose of RRx, and continuing for the next 8—9 weeks, the patient reported a significantly increased appetite for and consumption of fried foods, specifically pork chops, and desserts, which led to dyspeptic symptoms.

His fatigue, shortness of breath and exercise tolerance also significantly improved to the point that he resumed uphill running and lifting weights.

Platinum box case report

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platinum box case study Statement of Issues The main problem in this Platinum case is the decision whether or not to single source to Jabaking with the expansion of printing equipment. BMJ Case Reports is an important educational resource that offers a high volume of cases across all disciplines.

Here, you will find information about what cases we want to publish, how to prepare your manuscript, and details of our submission, peer review and publication processes. We want to. Herein, we report a case of refractory mucinous ovarian cancer showing long‐term survival after six cycles of weekly paclitaxel with BEV followed by 26 cycles of BEV maintenance.

Although six prior chemotherapy regimens resulted in progressive disease, the BEV treatment controlled the patient’s ascites and improved her performance status.

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Platinum box case report

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