Poetry analysis love is not all essay

Online College Education is now free! Analysis Critique Overview Below.: There is an old saying in Thailand that my grandmother still repeats to us. Translations from Thai to English are usually difficult and loosely accurate, but this is an exception to the rule.

Poetry analysis love is not all essay

Wednesday, August 19, Blog 2: Gascoigne continues to create the complex attitude of the poem through his use of imagery. This also contributes to the complex attitude of the poem because the fact that he is unable to appreciate her presence, contributing to the depressed mood of the poem.

Gascoigne also uses form to develop the complex attitude of the poem. By using this form, as well as specific diction and imagery, he can help to develop the attitude of the entire poem.

I would probably give myself a The most relevant aspect from this experience was learning what types of mistakes I made when analyzing poetry, in order to receive a decent score on the future AP test. Although there were aspects of analyzing the prompt I succeeded in, other parts of my analysis were lacking.

After discussing the student samples of the essays with my classmates of a well scoring, medium scoring, and low scoring essay, I have learned qualities that my essay should have as well.

Poetry analysis love is not all essay

By reviewing different styles of poems and practicing more essays in the near future, I believe I will be able to improve my poetry analysis essays. I think you may be grading yourself a little too hard.

According the characteristics of a 3 essay on the rubric, your essay would have to be "partial or irrelevant" with "misconstrued evidence" and contain "an unclear focus or inadequate development of ideas. For example, you had a very clear understanding of the speaker's emotions as well as the metaphors he used about the mouse trap and the fly in the fire to describe his relationship with her.

The fact that you recognized this and provided textual evidence to support this already earns you more than a 3. Something that I believe you could've done to improve your score even more would be to have an introduction to your essay versus jumping right into it, to give the reader an idea of the topic of your essay.

I would also recommend having a conclusion to tie all of the aspects of your analysis back together to show your understanding of how the from, diction, and imagery work together to convey the complex attitude of the poem.

One more thing I believe you could do to improve your score would be to add some more specific textual evidence on form and diction in order to get your essay to the persuasive level. Overall though, I think you did a nice job and I would score your essay in the range.

I believe you are definitely deserving of a 7. Your entire essay is very well written, and you did a nice job of answering all parts of the prompt.

To start off, you had a strong introduction that did a nice job of not diving straight into analysis, but rather introducing the reader to what your essay was going to be about.

Poetry analysis love is not all essay

I also agree that something you could continue to work on would be making your analysis more persuasive. You could also specify a an attitude besides being "complex" and explain why that attitude is complex.

Overall though, your essay was very well written, especially for being the first poetry analysis essay. The conclusion that you wrote was also very effective in tying everything together. You definitely earned a 7!

Gascoigne addresses that he does not look at his lover and show her affection, although he recognizes her beauty, because of the heartbreak she has caused him.A Literary Analysis of a Poem Love Is Not All by Edna St.

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Poetry analysis is the process of investigating a poem's form, content, structural semiotics and history in an informed way, with the aim of heightening one's own and .

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