Tom ford gucci and the transformation of luxury

The steps they took, the challenges they encountered, the opportunities they capitalised on, as well as the risks which may once again threaten the brand, are all elaborated within this case and provide an interesting forum for discussion and debate on the strategic, marketing and branding approaches specific to the fashion and luxury sectors. The case also raises the issue of the evolution of the luxury goods sector in general - in terms of target segments, consolidation, consumer behaviour, advertising, and ownership structures - and the inevitable impacts of all this on marketing and branding strategies. In particular, the necessity - as well as the risk - of establishing a relationship between a luxury brand and its customers is addressed in the case.

Tom ford gucci and the transformation of luxury

Tom Ford With his endless supply of creativity, American fashion designer Tom Ford born transformed the Gucci label from a nearly bankrupt maker of leather goods into a flourishing fashion powerhouse. From the beginning, his parents, both real estate agents, gave him free reign to explore his interests.

But if my parents went out to dinner and left me alone, I would rearrange all the living room furniture before they came back home. The move was good for Ford, who felt more at ease in fun—loving Santa Fe than in the Texas ranchlands.

Tom ford gucci and the transformation of luxury

The two were virtually inseparable. Grandma Ruth was a lively, larger—than—life lady.

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It was a mandate his grandmother lived out daily. Ford attended an elite Santa Fe prep school and developed a taste for Gucci loafers, blue blazers and white button—down shirts. As a teen, Ford was intrigued by fashion designer Calvin Klein.

Ford bought Calvin Klein sheets for his bed and pored over magazines that featured the stylish young designer, one of the first in the fashion industry to achieve movie—star status. One night, he went to a party and pop artist Andy Warhol showed up.

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Ford began frequenting the nightclub and skipping classes to catch up on his sleep. He dropped out of NYU inafter just one year. Next, Ford moved to Los AngelesCalifornia, where his boyish good looks and piercing dark eyes landed him plenty of work in commercials.

At one time, Ford had 12 commercials on the air simultaneously.

Fougère d’Argent Tom Ford perfume - a new fragrance for women and men

Ford was content in this line of work until one day, during the middle of filming a commercial, he found his mind wandering. Ford began to scrutinize everything about the shoot, thinking he could direct it better. He looked over the set—was there a better way to arrange it?

At that moment, Ford realized he did not want to spend his life taking directions from others; he wanted to be the one in charge. Ford found the fashion world energizing and decided architecture was not for him.

It was too late, however, to switch majors without starting over, so Ford reluctantly completed his architecture degree, graduating in Undaunted by his lack of a proper degree, Ford sketched himself a fashion portfolio and sought work.Tom Ford's Sexual Revolution at Gucci A/W96 Fashion & Beauty The Shows That Matter We revisit the post-waif hedonism of Tom Ford's Studio inspired vision for Gucci.

Feb 09,  · In fact, thanks to Ford's firm, high-octane directive, Gucci underwent a complete transformation and, following a slightly tumultuous period, by had been firmly restored to . By the late s, the Creative Director, Tom Ford and the Executive, Domenico de Sole, were being jointly credited with having taken a brand, Gucci, considered by many in the fashion industry as.

Tom ford gucci and the transformation of luxury

Redefining luxury for a new era, the covetable collection of cosmetics and fragrances are designed with Tom Ford’s vision of modern glamour in mind to create deeply personal statements of style. It is Tom Ford's strong point of view that make-up is a powerful tool for transformation; whether muted and elegant or unabashedly bold, it amplifies.

Oct 08,  · The Tom Ford fashion house was created in , after the iconic designer gained international acclaim for his legendary transformation of Gucci during his 10 years as the creative director. The Tom Ford eye wear collection evokes a timeless luxury and worldly glamour reminiscent of the classic eyeware creations.

Welcome to the TOM FORD online store. Complimentary shipping and returns. Shop shoes, bags, cosmetics, fragrance, and jewelry for men and women. Welcome to the TOM FORD online store. Complimentary shipping and returns. Shop shoes, bags, cosmetics, fragrance, and .

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