Victorian letter writing

Wikipedia] There is something very personal and satisfying about writing and actually receiving a letter. But in this high-tech age the art of writing a traditional letter has increasingly fallen victim to the ubiquitous and informal email or simply writing a short and often hurried message inside a Christmas, gift or condolence card. As with so many other things, there was a correct and proper way to do things and no one should be in any doubt as to how this should be achieved.

Victorian letter writing

I feel a sadness in my heart that only a love letter from Mr.

Victorian letter writing

Gentle reader, I have a terrible confession to make: I have missed a very important detail in the art of Victorian love letter writing and that is postage stamp flirtation. Wehman has set me straight on this count. In the very near future, I will include one of its short stories on this blog.

From a poor young man to a rich young lady whom he had only seen but a few times: Dear Miss Victorian letter writing ; You will no doubt be surprised to receive a letter from one who is almost a total stranger to you, but I hope you will pardon me for my boldness when I tell you how truly, how deeply I love you.

Perhaps prudence would dictate that I should, for the present, at least, withhold this confession, but my heart is impatient and will not be quieted until I have made you acquainted with its secret.

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I am aware that the suddenness of my passion may awaken the suspicion that it is only a shallow and transient feeling, but I am sure that you have won my whole heart, and what more could you do were those charms of yours, which have so easily captivated me, to shine before me for years?

Love is not a vegetable that it must grow nor is it a thing of logic that it must depend upon sequences and conclusions; but it is a passion of the soul, which may, like thought, be born in an instant, especially in the presence of beauty and accomplishments such as you possess.

Give me but an opportunity to prove myself worthy of the infinite happiness which your love would bestow, and there is no impossibility I would not achieve to obtain it.

Indeed, since the first night I saw you, the perfection and the constellation of charms that shine in your person have filled my heart and brain so full that I can do nothing but think of you all day and dream of you all night.

I cannot imagine any happiness for myself in the future which is not identified with you. I am, with great respect and devoted love, Henry B—.

Boston, May 10, 18—, Dear Sir: It would be affectiation in me to deny that your note, pleases, as much as it surprises me; nor will I attempt to disguise that, at the present moment, I sincerely hope that you have rightly estimated the nature of the sentiment which you so frankly profess. The frankness of your letter agrees with the idea that I had already formed of your character, and inspires me with confidence that you are incapable of any motive which should justly cause a lady to treat you with the severity of greater formality.As I argue in Posting It: The Victorian Revolution in Letter Writing (), the Penny Post in Victorian England was the forerunner of current information technologies, establishing a postal “network” for sending letters of business, advertising, condolence, congratulations, and enormously popular valentines.

Unfortunately — but not. "A beautifully researched study of how the Victorian Penny Post altered human relations. As Golden eloquently documents, family and friends could, at last, easily keep in touch with distant relatives, but cheap postage also provided new opportunities for blackmailers and con timberdesignmag.coms: 1.

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Examples of Victorian Era Penmanship

We write letters of apology, letters of congratulations, letters of introduction, letters of love and letters of business in addition to others. It is the social obligation of every Victorian lady to convey news and information through good letters. More Victorian Love Letters and the Basics of Postage Stamp Flirtation.

Posted on March 4, I have missed a very important detail in the art of Victorian love letter writing and that is postage stamp flirtation.

Victorian letter writing

My letters might have said, “I love you,” but my straight up and down stamps said, “Goodbye, sweetheart.” 8 Responses. During Victorian era, letter writing was the only way through which people could communicate with their near ones living at a distance.

However, before the post was expensive.

The Lothians: The Art of Letter Writing - Early 19th Century Style