Why kids should have cell phones

School districts and educators are divided.

Why kids should have cell phones

But like so many other childhood firsts, the first-cellphone age seems to have dropped dramatically. Now, an incredible 53 percent of all 6-year-olds already have their own mobile, according to a survey of 2, U.

Why kids should have cell phones

Thirty-one percent of the parents polled said that they wanted to make sure their child could get in touch with them at any time. Another 25 percent said that they purchased the phone to help their child stay in touch with friends and family.

And 20 percent reported that they wanted their kid to have one because so many of their young friends did as well. Texting Acronyms Parents Need to Know The right age to give kids their own phone has always been a contentious and divisive topic.

Some parents believe the convenience and security of always being reachable outweighs any potential dangers or misuse.

Plus, they argue, having a cell builds independence — which is part of what growing up is about.

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Others think the lure of texting friends and easy access to the internet, especially online game sites hello, Candy Crush addiction! The early teenage years are more appropriate for a first-time cell phone, the thinking goes. This allows parents to demystify the thrill of it and school them in proper usage and responsibility.

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E-mail us at YParenting at Yahoo.Sep 22,  · This week we asked sixth-graders at Seymour Elementary, “Should kids have cell phones? Why?” Here is a sample of what they said.

Why kids should have cell phones

The "back to school" catalogs have started rolling in, but I still haven't quite figured out my rising sixth grader's cell phone situation. I want him to have a cell phone so we can reach each. Aug 21,  · Best Answer: No. Kids have successfully navigated school for decades without cell phones.

They are not necessary and are a huge distraction. If there is a crazed gunman in your school shooting, a cell phone is not going to increase your odds of timberdesignmag.com: Resolved.

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If your child wonders why his friends have phones and he doesn’t, explain that his friends may have very practical reasons for having one.

Perhaps they come home after school before their parents do or they take local transportation to practice on the weekends. Three good reasons why kids should have cell phones: 1. Safety. Parents can rely on cell phones to tell them where their kids are and if they need to call them in an emergency.

An increasing number of teachers have changed their point of view towards cell phones, many now believe that cell phones would exert positive effects on education.

For example, some teachers have already started to collect homework online and answer questions through text- messaging.

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