Writing a thank you letter after internship

How to Write a Professional Thank You Letter Mar30 A thank you letter is without a doubt the most valuable part of the follow-up process. Sending a post-interview thank you letter shows your strong interest in the company and your professional attitude. To write a professional thank you letter, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Writing a thank you letter after internship

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Since the note is an extension of the interview, match the tone of your thank you letter to the conversational tone that occurred in the actual interview. By doing this, the note you send will be perceived as genuine correspondence.

This is the last thing you want a potential employer thinking. So, keep it real. If your interview was very formal and professional, take care that your note walks the same line. Many people wonder whether they should e-mail their post interview thank you note or deliver a hard copy.

In general, it's going to be fine to send your thank you note by e-mail. Most business is done via e-mail these days, so your thank you note doesn't need to be an exception.

But, there are a few scenarios when delivering a hard copy is the way to go.

Sample "Thank You for the Interview" Letter

Deliver a Hard Copy If: You are applying for a very competitive position. If you think other applicant will be hand delivering post interview thank you notes, you should as well. You're unsure the e-mail will reach the right people. If you've yet to communicate via e-mail, you can't be sure your e-mail won't get blocked in a spam filter, or overlooked by an assistant.

The extra effort required to deliver a letter by hand is an ideal character trait for the position for which you're applying. If you're applying for a position within the hospitality industry, or if your job is to woo potential clients, the extra effort to deliver a hard-copy note may be exactly what the employer is looking for.

Free Interview Thank You Letter Template | Samples

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Writing a Thank You Letter or Note to Boss - Sample & Template

After your next interview, we invite you to use our Thank You Note template. Writing the Perfect Job Interview Thank You Note. If you've got a job interview coming up, here are some tips to help you write an effective thank-you note. [See Related Story: Following Up After Your Job Interview the Right Way] Recap your skills.

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writing a thank you letter after internship

Thank You Letter After Interview - 7+ Free Word, PDF Documents Donation Letter Template – 10+ Free Word, PDF Documents Thank You Letter for Donation – 10+ Free Word, Excel, PDF Format. Writing thank you letters is a good idea if you want to nurture your professional relationships.

writing a thank you letter after internship

An internship is a great way to get your foot in the door of the industry in which you’d like to work. Writing a thank-you letter after your interview is a more than just simply saying thank you. There are several points to reiterate, items to expand upon, information to clarify, and a thank you or two to say.

When writing your thank-you letter, carefully consider the interview.

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